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The Plus Size Traveler Podcast

Who we are

We are two plus sized travelers who don’t want anyone out there to think they can’t fulfill their travel bucket list just because they’re fluffy. We’re spreading the plus size travel love via our podcast, instagrams and blogs. Check out the Plus Size Traveler Podcast Instagram HERE.


Lauren is a travel professional in Maui, Hawaii. She is the super fluff of the two at a Torrid size 28. Lauren is a self professed nerd and anglophile. She loves travel now, but has an acute memory of when the stress of plus size travel was overwhelming. You can read her plus size travel blog, The Plus Sized Globetrotter, and check her out on Instagram HERE.


Adrienne works in marketing at a major Entertainment studio in Los Angeles. When Adrienne travels, one of her major joys is finding the best food in a city, which is why she calls some of her trips “Foodventures”. Adrienne is a Torrid size 20 and travels for work or pleasure almost every month. You can read her plus size travel blog, Traveling Adrienne, and check out her Instagram HERE.

About The Podcast

Each episode features a plus size travel topic as well as an in depth look at a specific travel destination. Each episode, the girls alternate between domestic and international locations.

Additionally, the ladies will often invite other plus size travel bloggers and professionals to join them for a chat about the locations they’re discussing.

The podcast is funny, light hearted and extremely body positive.

You can find us at Buzzsprout, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast, Spotify or where ever you get your podcasts.


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